Moh Maya Money Review

(Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror)

Release Date: 25th Nov 2016

Cast: Ranvir Shorey, Neha Dhupia

Rating: 3/5

In a sequence, the film’s lead requires a dead body to execute a devious plan. When his best attempts to secure one from the mortuary lead to naught, he’s seen riffling through the city — his gaze taking in everyone as he navigates the narrow bylanes of the Capital. This is a story of desperate measures but what works for it, is the fact that it isn’t just that.

The film opens with a cinematic frame — a sedan with its nose tucked in a tree is up in flames. Days prior to “the accident”, Aman Mehra (Ranvir Shorey) attempts convincing his wife Divya (Neha Dhupia) of their urgent need to rise from their “middle-class” existence. The property broker hurriedly establishes his character, by saying things like “risk hai toh profit hai” and so on. But Divya, a senior producer with a news channel, is content with the life she can afford.

When Aman’s underhand dealings are established, he’s fired from his job and roughed up by those who’ve lent him a sizeable sum for an investment that didn’t go through. Fearful for his life, Aman is compelled to hatch a nefarious plan in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable. While the plan is in motion as planned, things go awry when a parallel track is introduced turning the story over its head.

Neha Dhupia’s character takes centre stage in the second half and her graph goes through a dramatic shift, while Shorey’s remains largely consistent. Dhupia sinks into her character and internalises her state of mind. Shorey, who knocked it out of the park in Titli, is fairly committed here, even though his character’s attributes allow him only as much.

While director Munish Bhardwaj tightly packs in much in the 109 minutes of the film’s runtime, there was scope for improvement. For one, the use of multiple perspectives to convey the same sequence seems repetitive and unnecessary. Especially since the additional track introduced could’ve been retained to add an element of intrigue to the climax.

A mystery this is not as the film follows the inevitable. But how it wraps up may not be anticipated and is worth a watch.

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